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The construction of ring well funded by Nick Pelis has just been completed. Click news.html to see pictures




Safe water availability

Safe water accessibility

Increased quantity per capita

Reduced time to fetch water and queuing time

Reduced distance to source

Year round water supply

Reduced number of people per source

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The primary activity of SWLD is provision of safe water for the poor people in the rural communities. So many other organizations do this! Perhaps our uniqueness is identifying and assisting the very poor in the remotest areas of rural communities. Though our activities have included laying of water pipes (connecting the rural communities with water drawn from the government source) our predominant projects have been in the area of hand-dug rings wells, wells fitted with a durable hand pump.






Deep wells have also been dug, the one in Kambala village (Masai community) having Solar pump.




Masai and SWLD team celebrate the completion of the deep well project



Not just to provide to people that essential element that sustains life, SWLD, through water supply promotes not only health but education because it sees the inseparable link between them. The Sister Water Projects (SWP) of Franciscan Sisters of Dubuque is supports SWLD in achieving this overall goals.




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